The Grand Finale…

This week is the 16th and final blog post of the year. Blogging for the past few months has really changed my outlook on my day to day activities because I now do everything for the sake of getting good content for the blog.  I want to thank each and every person who has been reading the blog all along.

This final week of blogging has been a really exciting one. With the school year winding down and summer on the way, I have been really busy. From shooting a concert to getting a new camera to working on a music video, this week was crazy. Keep reading to find out all about it.

On Wednesday I shot another concert for a rapper named Al-X The Great at Velvet Jones. Alex is a 19 year old rapper that goes to UCSB who I have been shooting with for quite some time now. I always like shooting concerts because I get to hang out with really interesting people and be on stage during the concerts. I also really like shooting concerts because it makes for sick videos. Capturing an artist performing live on video and the crowd going crazy always makes for a great edit.

Another awesome aspect of shooting concerts is that you discover new music. One of the bands that played called “Just Another Crew” put on an amazing show and had great music. I really liked their music because it was really groovy and soulful.

Overall it was a really good concert and everyone that played put on a great show.

The video recap of the show will be up on my youtube this Friday night, so stay posted.

Another highlight of my week was getting a new 4K Cinema Camera. This is something I have really been looking forward to for quite some time because it will take my videos to the next level. Now that I have my new camera I have lots of projects coming up like a documentary, a music video and much more.

Although the blog is coming to an end, there are still lots of goods things to come. Make sure to keep watching all my videos on my youtube channel @KaiWilkinson and as always thanks for reading the blog.



This past week was one for the books. I was fortunate enough to get to film the Maxo Kream concert and hang out backstage with all of the rappers in the show. I was able to do this because I am a filmer for a rapper called Al-X The Great and I was part of his media team for the show. This was really awesome because I was able to film on stage during the show. Check out the video recap below.

Before the show started I got to hang out in the backstage of Velvet Jones with all of the performers. This was really sick because I got to here some  good stories and get b-roll for my video. All of them were really chill and I had a really good time hanging out with them.

Once the show started I got to go on stage and film Alex who was opening for Maxo Kream. This was something I had never done before , so it was really cool. The crowd was all hyped up, and when I would point the camera at them they would go wild.  Also, the light show on stage made the video look sick.

After Alex performed I filmed Quez and Monte. These guys were going absolutely ham on stage. They put on a crazy show with stage diving and all.

Finally, when Maxo wen’t on a lot more people showed up and the crowd wen’t insane. He put on a crazy show.

Overall I had an amazing time and will definitely do that again in the future. I got to meet the manager of all of the rappers and he wants me to shoot future concerts which I am really looking forward to doing.

I never thought for a second that I would be shooting rap concerts on stage. It was such an amazing experience that I will probably never forget.

I am looking forward to doing this again in the future.


The following Sunday I went down to my grandparents house to visit  them for mothers day. This was nice because I got to visit my great grandma who is 97.

Stay posted for next weeks blog.

Shooting an M6 and a C63 AMG

This week I finally got back to shooting cars. Of late I have not been shooting cars and have been mainly focusing on a documentary I am working on. I also have been really busy with tennis and studying for finals, so it felt nice to to shoot cars again.

On Saturday I shot with a BMW M6 (one of my all time favorite cars) and a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. The M6 is the fastest car I have ever shot coming in at a whopping 763 horsepower. The owner spent 7 grand on a matte orange wrap and has also put a lot of money into mods such as a catback exhaust system. This is barely faster than the Dodge Charger Hellcat I shot which was around 725 horsepower.  I could never choose between the two cars because they are both so bad ass. The C63 AMG I shot wasn’t quite as fast, but it was still really sick. The owner did a custom cream grey and black wrap and he also equipped it with a carbon wing, carbon accents, and a custom exhaust.

We shot at a parking garage downtown, which turned out to be a great location because the background looked sick.

Both of the owners go to SBCC and are exchange students from China.  The fact that these guys were only a few years older than me and had such sick cars, motivated me to work harder.

I was really pleased on how the edit came out, here it is….


This week I also played tennis for the first time in a few weeks. Our tennis team has had the past couple weeks off prior to our first round CIF playoff match. This has been nice because it allows me to rest my injured shoulder. This season has been really hard for me being that I have been battling a shoulder injury the whole time.  I am very competitive and love competing, so it was really hard to sit out most of the season due to my injury. All I can do now is put in work to get my shoulder healthier and stronger for next season.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog post. Be sure to come back next week for more content.

Making A Documentary

This past week was an eventful one. All of my family was in town and I made a trailer for a documentary I am working on.

On Saturday all of my family got together at Padaro Beach Grill for lunch. It was nice to see family members I hadn’t seen in a while. It was especially nice to see my little cousins who live in Costa Rica, who I used to skateboard with when they lived in America. When they lived here, they had a skatepark at their house and I would come and skate with them pretty often.

Here is one of my youngest cousins Dexton.

My cousin Dexton is the happiest little kid I have ever seen in my life. He is always smiling and never cry’s or complains.

Dexton’s older brothers are the ones who I used to skateboard with, and they are reckless. They are always fighting but are very well mannered. Also, they are really good skaters and just started surfing.

The next day, on Sunday, I began to edit the trailer for a documentary I am working on called “Suntribe”. The documentary is for my dads sunscreen company called “Avasol”. The documentary is a story about people and the sun. I am working with Producers and Filmmakers to make the documentary. The documentary is starring many of the embassadors for my dads company who are mainly watermen.

I am really excited to work on the documentary, and am looking forward to sharing it.


Later on in the week I went to physical therapy for my shoulder. This usually tends to be my favorite part of the week because it relieves my shoulder pain quite a bit. Ever since I hurt my shoulder a few months ago playing tennis, I have been getting physical therapy treatment which has helped it significantly. This week my physical therapy was great because I got to do cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a chamber with liquid nitrogen in it that you get in and the temperature get as low as  -200 degrees. It is really good for reducing inflammation. This felt really good and helped my injury quite a bit.


Thanks for reading. Stay posted for next weeks blog.

Singing With The Lead Singer of Glass Animals

This past week was one for the books. I went to the best concert of my life, saw the premiere of Patagonia’s new film “Fishpeople” and had the craziest tennis match of my life.

Early on in the week I saw Patagonia’s new film “Fishpeople”. The film was about how the ocean changes peoples lives. It was really cool to see people who use my dads sunscreen starring in the film ( my dad owns a natural sunscreen company called Avasol). The film was very well done and touching. I was very fortunate to be able to meet and talk to the makers of the film who shared some knowledge with me. I appreciated the input seeing as how I am an aspiring cinematographer. I also got a signed poster from all the people starring in the film.

On Saturday our tennis team played Mira Costa. This was the most competitive and heated match I have ever played in. There was yelling back and forth, racket smashing and players threatening to fight us. The players on their team clearly had anger issues and couldn’t control what they said. They would distract us when we would serve, make remarks when we missed and their parents would get involved with the match. One of their players said he was going to fight one of our parents on the team. He also smashed his racket when he lost, yelled at one of dads calling him a fat ass and made a scene challenging him to fight at the end of the match. By the end of the match there was almost a brawl and the other team had to hold one of their kids back from fighting. I could go on all day about their poor sportsmanship and bad behavior, but I’ll end it at that.

Later in the day on Saturday I went to the Glass Animals Concert at the bowl. I took my friend Forest who had never been to a concert before. We had front row seats and Terrace passes. I have been blessed at having amazing seats and terrace passes for years thanks to my dad. I thought I would share this with my friend who has never experienced a concert before.

 The concert was by far the best show I have ever been to. They put on an amazing show. The stage lights were spectacular, their lead singer was very interactive with the audience and the music was out of this world. But by far the best part of the concert was when the lead singer ( Dave Bayley ) came off stage and sang with me. He made his way through the pit and climbed up onto the wall where the front row is. He performed the whole song “Gooey” right in front of me and at times he would point at me and I would sing the song and dance with him. This was one of those experiences in life I will never forget. The whole concert was amazing and a life changing experience. 

Stay posted for next weeks blog post.

Taking The Week Off

This past week was the first time in a while I haven’t done anything film or car related.  I took the week to recuperate. I also didn’t want to get burnt out from doing the same thing week after week. Here is a little recap of what I did in the week…

Early on in the week I went to the doctor for my hurt shoulder. A few weeks ago I had hurt it playing tennis, so I decided it was time to get it checked out. The doctor cleared me to play, which was a big relief because I had already missed four of my high school matches due to my injury. The day after I was cleared to play we had a match. I played and won all of my matches. Our team won 18-0. It felt really nice to play and win because I hadn’t been able to play in almost a month.

On Saturday I watched the NBA playoffs. This was something I had been looking forward to for a while because it is some of the best basketball you can watch. All of the games ended up coming down to the wire. It was great basketball, but I was sad that my favorite team since the age of 7, the Los Angeles Lakers, didn’t make the playoffs.

Later in the day on Saturday I went for a nice run in the mountains of Montecito. It was a great run because all of the hillsides were lush and green along with a great view.

On Easter Sunday I spent time with my family and had a nice Barbecue.

I barbecued rack of lamb and Chilean Sea bass, two of my favorite meats.

Finally on Tuesday I went to see “New Order” at the Santa Barbara Bowl.

New Order is a band I was turned onto about a year ago. They were popular in the 80’s, but I still really like them.

They have really groovy techno music. We had front row seats and they put on an absolutely amazing show. During the concert they showed really cool videos in the background and had a really cool light show.

Stay posted for next weeks blog post…

Autocon LA 2017

Two weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to go to AutoCon LA. This was something I had been looking forward to for quite sometime.  I didn’t think I would be able to go, because my parents didn’t want me to drive to downtown LA by myself. I had to go because this was something I had really been looking forward to, so I had to think of an alternate way of getting there. I decided that I would take the train and go with my friend Forest who is also really into cars. The train ride was very pleasant and we had a very scenic view going along the coast. Once we got to Union station we hopped in an Uber and made our way to the Los Angeles Convention Center. Once at AutoCon we got in line to get our tickets. Once we had our tickets, they sent us to the back of a line which seemed to be a mile long. We waited in line for almost two hours to get in. Their were so many people there because TJ Hunt, a famous car YouTuber, was having a meet and greet, as well as showing all of his cars in the show. I watch all of TJ Hunt’s Videos, so I was really looking forward to meeting him. Once we got inside AutoCon I felt like a kid in a candy store. There were cars of all variety including Muscle, JDM and German.

Here is one of my favorite cars at the show, a BMW e30.

At the show there was a main stage where they would interview people, do giveaways and unveil cars. Their was also a bunch of booths selling stuff, so I bought some merchandise. Along with meeting TJ Hunt, I got to meet another famous Youtuber name Mike Nyguyen. I also watch all of his videos and got to have a nice chat with him at the event. I could go on all day talking about how fun the show was , and how good of a time I had, but I’ll keep it brief. Here is an edit I made of the show.

Come back next week for more content.

Gringos Paradise

This past week was spring break for my school. For the fast few spring breaks I have traveled out of the country and this time I went to Mexico. In Mexico we went to a place called Las Gaviotas, which we had been to once before.  We really like this place because there are great waves and it is really nice.

Before leaving on the trip we fixed up my dads truck so we could bring friends and plenty of surfboards. This was a difficult task, but my dad got it done like a beast (with a little help from me). Since we were taking the truck to Mexico we had extra room, so I brought my friend Briggs (who I brought last time) and my sister brought her friend Malia.

The fun started once we got to the border. When we pulled up to the port of entry at the border the lady working there took one look at the size of our car and the amount of people in it and told us to go to secondary. Once we were in secondary they told us to get out of our car so they could run it through some sort of x-ray scanning machine. They scanned the car multiple times and wouldn’t tell us what they were doing. After scanning the car a bunch they started taking random items out of the car like water bottles, and taking pictures of them. After inspecting the car for more than two hours they said they kept us that long because of an extra battery we had in the car.  I was pissed, but I got over it quickly when I saw the big waves going into Mexico. Once we got into the gated neighborhood of Las Gaviotas, my friend Briggs and I unloaded the car and went surfing.  The waves were great, so we surfed until dark.

The whole trip myself and Briggs would surf three times a day. The waves were great the whole trip.

The house we were staying was steps away from the beach, which was very nice because it was easy beach access and a great view.


Stay posted for my video recap of the trip.

Crossing The Border

A few years ago I went on a surf trip to Las Gaviotas, Mexico. It is a very beautiful place with great waves. I am going back next week and I am very excited. In this weeks blog post I am going to talk about my last trip there.

Las Gaviotas is a few minutes past Rosarito and about an hour drive from the border. It is located right on the beach with a great view. Once you get inside the gates of Las Gaviotas you are greeted by a nice chubby security guard and feel like you have gone back in time. The roads inside the compound are all cobblestone and it feels as if you are in Europe. There are lots of lushes plants and an olympic sized pool overlooking the ocean.

Once we got to the house we were staying at, we dropped off our luggage and headed straight for the beach. The waves were great and the weather was perfect.

Statue of Jesus in Rosarito.

My lifelong friend Briggs came with us, and he surfs, so we were in heaven.  Everyday we would get up early and surf. Then we would come back for lunch then surf again. And finally at sunset every night, when the tide was high , we would ride the backwash of the waves hitting the cliffs. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. We would sit on our boards and wait for a big wave to come. Once it hit the cliff it would create another wave which we then rode and would launch off the oncoming waves. This was a lot of fun because the waves would launch you really high in the air and you could do tricks.

On one of the last days of the trip we went into the small town of Rosarito. It was really cool because there was lots of amazing street art.

In Rosarito there were a lot of great places to shop and eat.

Overall this was an amazing trip that I have great memories of, and I am really looking forward to going back there next week.

Hitting The Slopes…For The First Time

This past week was a really fun one. On Wednesday, the MAD Academy Sophomore class departed for the Sequoias on our annual retreat. I was particularly excited for this trip because there was going to be snow. I haven’t seen snow since I was 5 years old, so hearing that there was going to be snow got me really excited.

When Wednesday came along we got on the Santa Barbara Airbus and departed on our adventure. The ride was about five hours long, but it wasn’t so bad because the bus was comfortable and it was a scenic drive. Once we got into the Sequoia National Park I spotted snow.

Once I saw snow, I knew it would be a really fun trip. Driving through the park on our way to the lodge was amazing. There was an abundance of snow and an amazing view of snow capped mountains. This made me really regret not bringing my camera to capture these moments. Although I had my phone, so I made do.

Once we got to the lodge we all rushed out of the bus and to the snow. Everyone had fun playing in the snow and hucking snow balls at one and other. After this, Dan gathered us together to tell us who we were rooming with. I got roomed with my homies so I was stoked.

The following morning we all got together and went on a nature hike. It was spectacular going through the forest and experiencing all that nature has to offer us. After we got back Dan told us that we would have free time the rest of the day and we could ski, sled, snowboard or do whatever else we want. When he said we could snowboard I got so excited because I had never snowboarded before. My friends and I rushed to the shop to get our snowboard gear. Then we went up the mountain and hit the slopes. After learning for a few minutes I decided why not hit a jump. My friends and I made a jump and it attracted quite a crowd. After some practice I landed the jump.

This was such a fun experience that I could talk about all day. It was nice having everyone cheer me on and teach me.

Overall the retreat was the most fun I have had in a long time and it allowed me to try new things.

Come back next week and I will be writing from a different country and telling a different story.