From Hub Caps to Cut Backs…All In a Days Work


img_2470For the past three years I have filmed the Rincon Classic and made a video for Youtube out of it. I really enjoy going to the Rincon Classic to film and surf because there is world class surfing. It is always a great opportunity for me to practice my cinematography skills. It is great to see the local pros ripping and the groms progressing. Even if you are not a surfer, I highly recommend you go to the classic because it is some of the best waves and surfing you will ever see.

This past weekend at the Rincon Classic was very action packed. The waves were pumping, drones were zipping across the sky, and a new champion was crowned in the Pro division. Over a three hour period I got a lot of great clips and then spent the rest of the afternoon editing. Editing is my favorite part of making a video because it is really rewarding when you time a clip perfectly to the music and give the video the finishing touches that will make it special and tell the story. When you pair the music perfectly to the video, it connects the viewer to the action in a unique way which creates an experience for the viewer.

Here is this years video…enjoy (For a quality experience, set it to HD)

When the surfs not up, I enjoy going to car shows. I am an avid car enthusiast, so I go to one almost every weekend. At the car shows I really enjoy meeting new people and learning the story behind their cars. Whether it’s a 90 year old war veteran telling me about his army vehicle or a 20 year old telling me about his latest mod, it all interests me because of the pride and joy people get out of their cars. I enjoy seeing all different kinds of people sharing their common passion of cars with one and other. Americans have unique love affair with their cars, and the people at these shows take that love to the next level. For some people it is about meticulously preserving history and for others it is a creative process where they make their cars bigger, better and faster. I really enjoy filming these car shows because my videos can show how these two aspects of the car scene collide. At these events it is an array of sounds, smells and sights. For a peek into this world, watch my video recap of this past weekends car show below.





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