Shooting Stars and Shooting Cars

Whether it was shooting cars or shooting stars, my week was full of interest and chaos. The video below gives you a little taste of my action packed week (set it to HD). Keep reading to hear all of my stories from this past week.

Early on in the week I heard that there was a new car group in town called “Project Overdrive”. Knowing myself, I had to find out more and I found out that they were having their first meet on Wednesday. When Wednesday came along I went to the meet. At first I was skeptical of going because I didn’t know many of the people, but it turned out I knew more people than I first thought and I met a bunch of nice people. It was really cool going because when I got there and pulled out my camera rig people started to swarm around me and tell me how they really liked my videos. This was really cool because I felt very welcome and ended up having some really good conversations with some new people I had met. Later on in the meet my friend Forest showed up and we shot all of the cars. The video below is a little edit I put together with the footage from the meet.

Ever since getting my license in November, I have started going to lots of car meets/shows and been becoming an active part of the car community. I have always been a car enthusiast, but getting my license opened lots of new opportunities to shoot cars and go to cool meets.  I am very blessed to be part of such a cool and connected community.

On Friday, I witnessed the biggest storm I have ever seen in my life. Roads turned to rivers, creeks raged and trees fell.  In Montecito we got almost five inches of rain in one day. The storm also brought giant waves, which was an amazing sight to see.img_2520

After the storm passed the clouds were really spectacular, so I decided to go take some time lapses and pictures. The greenery and great weather after the storm led to getting some nice photos and videos.





Stay tuned for next weeks post…


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