Traveling Through Time

This week I decided to branch out and try a different kind of video; the time-lapse. I have always shot time-lapses, but I have never made an edit with multiple clips. So this week I decided to do just that. Each day in the week I took a time-lapse of something different. At the end of the week I put all my clips together and made an edit. Here were the results…

On the weekend I went up to the mountains of Montecito in search of something good to shoot a time-lapse of. I ended up finding a really good spot where you could see all of Santa Barbara and a great view of the sunset. So, I proceeded to set up my camera gear and shoot a time-lapse. While my camera was running I got my other camera and went around taking pictures. Here are a few of the good ones I got…



Another Project I worked on this week was an interview with an olympic Triathalete named Andre Barbieri. A while back I shot the interview with him, but this week I decided to finish the video. I shot the interview for my dads sunscreen company Avasol because Andre is a constant user of the product. It was very interesting learning about his life especially because he is an amputee. I thought it was very amazing how he still runs, swims, bikes and surfs so well with only one leg. He told me why he loves Avasol so much and how he came to use it. It was really cool hearing him so grateful for having a product that does not harm him or the environment.

Shooting interviews has always been something I have really enjoyed because it is so interesting hearing peoples stories and how they came to do what they do. Shooting interviews is always a rewarding experience, especially when it is someone with such an amazing back story like Andre Barbieri.


The interview will be coming out sometime in the next coming weeks, so make sure to stay posted…

I hope everyone enjoyed this weeks blog post. Lots of goods things to come, so make sure you come back next week.


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