The Grind Continues…

This week was a busy one. Whether it was going to car meets, editing videos, or battling in tennis tournaments, I seemed to always be doing something. If you are interested in hearing some of my stories from this week, keep on reading.

Early on in the week I went to another one of the Project Overdrive meets. This time there was twice as many people and twice as many cops. With as many loud cars as there were, it was a given that cops would show up and see what was up. I left before it happened, but I heard word that two cops came not to get anyone in trouble, but to enter in the raffle to win a car detailing kit. I thought it was pretty funny that nobody got in trouble for having too loud of an exhaust or having modifications that weren’t street legal. Other than that, the meet had a great turn out with lots of sick cars. My friend Oliver showed up to shoot some of the cars for his blog as well. Here is the video from the meet…

On the weekend I traveled with the tennis team to Fresno for the California Classic tournament. I really like this tournament because we get to play a lot of different teams from all around California. We played 5 matches against 5 different teams over the period of 2 days. It was a lot of tennis and every match was a battle.  I came through with a few clutch wins, which I was really happy about. I played so much tennis that I wore a hole all the way through my shoe.

By the end of the day my feet were bleeding from sliding on the court and my knees were in pain from falling multiple times, but it was all well worth it in the end.


The second day we had to get up at 5:45 am after playing almost five hours of tennis the previous day. We went to Denny’s to get our grub on and then went to our next match. The second day was another battle, and we came out with a clutch win. Overall we got 5th in the tournament and played some amazing tennis.

Come back next week for more stories about my life.


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