Venturing Into The Mountains

This week was another week full of cars. On Saturday I ventured up into the mountains to shoot a Mitsubishi Evolution and an s14. In my mind the owner of the Evo, Elijah, has one of the most perfectly built cars. From the rims to the tune, everything done to that car accents it perfectly. I always love filming cars like this because no matter what, I love how the footage turns out. We filmed in the mountain back roads of Montecito, where the backdrop was perfect for filming cars. The grass was green, the sunset was stunning and there was a great view looking over Santa Barbara. It was the most ideal conditions possible for a shoot. Here is a little edit of the footage I got of the Evo…

Along with Eli’s perfectly built Evo, I also shot a really sick Silvia s14. The owner, Charlie, has spent so much time and money on making that car as unique as possible. I really respect people who by a car stock and mod it to make it their own.  Charlie has done rims, air suspension, racing seats, a racing steering wheel, forged internals and every other mod you can imagine. He has a straight piped exhaust, so it is freaking load. I think that his car is one of the most modded car I have ever seen. Every single part on that car is aftermarket. You would have to inspect that car for hours to find a single stock part. I find this so cool because there is no other car in the world exactly like it. The build he has done to his car is a direct expression of himself.  This is what is so cool about modifying cars, every build is different and unique to the owner of the car. Here are a few photos I took of his car, edit coming soon…

The following day I went to cars and coffee…as usual. Except this past weekend there were more cars there than ever before. It was really cool to see this because the first cars and coffee I went to there was no more than 15 cars, and now more than 100+ cars showed up. Here are a few photos I took at the show.

Thanks for reading this weeks post. Come back next week for more content.


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