Hitting The Slopes…For The First Time

This past week was a really fun one. On Wednesday, the MAD Academy Sophomore class departed for the Sequoias on our annual retreat. I was particularly excited for this trip because there was going to be snow. I haven’t seen snow since I was 5 years old, so hearing that there was going to be snow got me really excited.

When Wednesday came along we got on the Santa Barbara Airbus and departed on our adventure. The ride was about five hours long, but it wasn’t so bad because the bus was comfortable and it was a scenic drive. Once we got into the Sequoia National Park I spotted snow.

Once I saw snow, I knew it would be a really fun trip. Driving through the park on our way to the lodge was amazing. There was an abundance of snow and an amazing view of snow capped mountains. This made me really regret not bringing my camera to capture these moments. Although I had my phone, so I made do.

Once we got to the lodge we all rushed out of the bus and to the snow. Everyone had fun playing in the snow and hucking snow balls at one and other. After this, Dan gathered us together to tell us who we were rooming with. I got roomed with my homies so I was stoked.

The following morning we all got together and went on a nature hike. It was spectacular going through the forest and experiencing all that nature has to offer us. After we got back Dan told us that we would have free time the rest of the day and we could ski, sled, snowboard or do whatever else we want. When he said we could snowboard I got so excited because I had never snowboarded before. My friends and I rushed to the shop to get our snowboard gear. Then we went up the mountain and hit the slopes. After learning for a few minutes I decided why not hit a jump. My friends and I made a jump and it attracted quite a crowd. After some practice I landed the jump.

This was such a fun experience that I could talk about all day. It was nice having everyone cheer me on and teach me.

Overall the retreat was the most fun I have had in a long time and it allowed me to try new things.

Come back next week and I will be writing from a different country and telling a different story.


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