Crossing The Border

A few years ago I went on a surf trip to Las Gaviotas, Mexico. It is a very beautiful place with great waves. I am going back next week and I am very excited. In this weeks blog post I am going to talk about my last trip there.

Las Gaviotas is a few minutes past Rosarito and about an hour drive from the border. It is located right on the beach with a great view. Once you get inside the gates of Las Gaviotas you are greeted by a nice chubby security guard and feel like you have gone back in time. The roads inside the compound are all cobblestone and it feels as if you are in Europe. There are lots of lushes plants and an olympic sized pool overlooking the ocean.

Once we got to the house we were staying at, we dropped off our luggage and headed straight for the beach. The waves were great and the weather was perfect.

Statue of Jesus in Rosarito.

My lifelong friend Briggs came with us, and he surfs, so we were in heaven.  Everyday we would get up early and surf. Then we would come back for lunch then surf again. And finally at sunset every night, when the tide was high , we would ride the backwash of the waves hitting the cliffs. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. We would sit on our boards and wait for a big wave to come. Once it hit the cliff it would create another wave which we then rode and would launch off the oncoming waves. This was a lot of fun because the waves would launch you really high in the air and you could do tricks.

On one of the last days of the trip we went into the small town of Rosarito. It was really cool because there was lots of amazing street art.

In Rosarito there were a lot of great places to shop and eat.

Overall this was an amazing trip that I have great memories of, and I am really looking forward to going back there next week.


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