Gringos Paradise

This past week was spring break for my school. For the fast few spring breaks I have traveled out of the country and this time I went to Mexico. In Mexico we went to a place called Las Gaviotas, which we had been to once before.  We really like this place because there are great waves and it is really nice.

Before leaving on the trip we fixed up my dads truck so we could bring friends and plenty of surfboards. This was a difficult task, but my dad got it done like a beast (with a little help from me). Since we were taking the truck to Mexico we had extra room, so I brought my friend Briggs (who I brought last time) and my sister brought her friend Malia.

The fun started once we got to the border. When we pulled up to the port of entry at the border the lady working there took one look at the size of our car and the amount of people in it and told us to go to secondary. Once we were in secondary they told us to get out of our car so they could run it through some sort of x-ray scanning machine. They scanned the car multiple times and wouldn’t tell us what they were doing. After scanning the car a bunch they started taking random items out of the car like water bottles, and taking pictures of them. After inspecting the car for more than two hours they said they kept us that long because of an extra battery we had in the car.  I was pissed, but I got over it quickly when I saw the big waves going into Mexico. Once we got into the gated neighborhood of Las Gaviotas, my friend Briggs and I unloaded the car and went surfing.  The waves were great, so we surfed until dark.

The whole trip myself and Briggs would surf three times a day. The waves were great the whole trip.

The house we were staying was steps away from the beach, which was very nice because it was easy beach access and a great view.


Stay posted for my video recap of the trip.


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