Singing With The Lead Singer of Glass Animals

This past week was one for the books. I went to the best concert of my life, saw the premiere of Patagonia’s new film “Fishpeople” and had the craziest tennis match of my life.

Early on in the week I saw Patagonia’s new film “Fishpeople”. The film was about how the ocean changes peoples lives. It was really cool to see people who use my dads sunscreen starring in the film ( my dad owns a natural sunscreen company called Avasol). The film was very well done and touching. I was very fortunate to be able to meet and talk to the makers of the film who shared some knowledge with me. I appreciated the input seeing as how I am an aspiring cinematographer. I also got a signed poster from all the people starring in the film.

On Saturday our tennis team played Mira Costa. This was the most competitive and heated match I have ever played in. There was yelling back and forth, racket smashing and players threatening to fight us. The players on their team clearly had anger issues and couldn’t control what they said. They would distract us when we would serve, make remarks when we missed and their parents would get involved with the match. One of their players said he was going to fight one of our parents on the team. He also smashed his racket when he lost, yelled at one of dads calling him a fat ass and made a scene challenging him to fight at the end of the match. By the end of the match there was almost a brawl and the other team had to hold one of their kids back from fighting. I could go on all day about their poor sportsmanship and bad behavior, but I’ll end it at that.

Later in the day on Saturday I went to the Glass Animals Concert at the bowl. I took my friend Forest who had never been to a concert before. We had front row seats and Terrace passes. I have been blessed at having amazing seats and terrace passes for years thanks to my dad. I thought I would share this with my friend who has never experienced a concert before.

 The concert was by far the best show I have ever been to. They put on an amazing show. The stage lights were spectacular, their lead singer was very interactive with the audience and the music was out of this world. But by far the best part of the concert was when the lead singer ( Dave Bayley ) came off stage and sang with me. He made his way through the pit and climbed up onto the wall where the front row is. He performed the whole song “Gooey” right in front of me and at times he would point at me and I would sing the song and dance with him. This was one of those experiences in life I will never forget. The whole concert was amazing and a life changing experience. 

Stay posted for next weeks blog post.


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