Making A Documentary

This past week was an eventful one. All of my family was in town and I made a trailer for a documentary I am working on.

On Saturday all of my family got together at Padaro Beach Grill for lunch. It was nice to see family members I hadn’t seen in a while. It was especially nice to see my little cousins who live in Costa Rica, who I used to skateboard with when they lived in America. When they lived here, they had a skatepark at their house and I would come and skate with them pretty often.

Here is one of my youngest cousins Dexton.

My cousin Dexton is the happiest little kid I have ever seen in my life. He is always smiling and never cry’s or complains.

Dexton’s older brothers are the ones who I used to skateboard with, and they are reckless. They are always fighting but are very well mannered. Also, they are really good skaters and just started surfing.

The next day, on Sunday, I began to edit the trailer for a documentary I am working on called “Suntribe”. The documentary is for my dads sunscreen company called “Avasol”. The documentary is a story about people and the sun. I am working with Producers and Filmmakers to make the documentary. The documentary is starring many of the embassadors for my dads company who are mainly watermen.

I am really excited to work on the documentary, and am looking forward to sharing it.


Later on in the week I went to physical therapy for my shoulder. This usually tends to be my favorite part of the week because it relieves my shoulder pain quite a bit. Ever since I hurt my shoulder a few months ago playing tennis, I have been getting physical therapy treatment which has helped it significantly. This week my physical therapy was great because I got to do cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a chamber with liquid nitrogen in it that you get in and the temperature get as low as  -200 degrees. It is really good for reducing inflammation. This felt really good and helped my injury quite a bit.


Thanks for reading. Stay posted for next weeks blog.


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