Shooting an M6 and a C63 AMG

This week I finally got back to shooting cars. Of late I have not been shooting cars and have been mainly focusing on a documentary I am working on. I also have been really busy with tennis and studying for finals, so it felt nice to to shoot cars again.

On Saturday I shot with a BMW M6 (one of my all time favorite cars) and a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. The M6 is the fastest car I have ever shot coming in at a whopping 763 horsepower. The owner spent 7 grand on a matte orange wrap and has also put a lot of money into mods such as a catback exhaust system. This is barely faster than the Dodge Charger Hellcat I shot which was around 725 horsepower.  I could never choose between the two cars because they are both so bad ass. The C63 AMG I shot wasn’t quite as fast, but it was still really sick. The owner did a custom cream grey and black wrap and he also equipped it with a carbon wing, carbon accents, and a custom exhaust.

We shot at a parking garage downtown, which turned out to be a great location because the background looked sick.

Both of the owners go to SBCC and are exchange students from China.  The fact that these guys were only a few years older than me and had such sick cars, motivated me to work harder.

I was really pleased on how the edit came out, here it is….


This week I also played tennis for the first time in a few weeks. Our tennis team has had the past couple weeks off prior to our first round CIF playoff match. This has been nice because it allows me to rest my injured shoulder. This season has been really hard for me being that I have been battling a shoulder injury the whole time.  I am very competitive and love competing, so it was really hard to sit out most of the season due to my injury. All I can do now is put in work to get my shoulder healthier and stronger for next season.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog post. Be sure to come back next week for more content.


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