The Grand Finale…

This week is the 16th and final blog post of the year. Blogging for the past few months has really changed my outlook on my day to day activities because I now do everything for the sake of getting good content for the blog.  I want to thank each and every person who has been reading the blog all along.

This final week of blogging has been a really exciting one. With the school year winding down and summer on the way, I have been really busy. From shooting a concert to getting a new camera to working on a music video, this week was crazy. Keep reading to find out all about it.

On Wednesday I shot another concert for a rapper named Al-X The Great at Velvet Jones. Alex is a 19 year old rapper that goes to UCSB who I have been shooting with for quite some time now. I always like shooting concerts because I get to hang out with really interesting people and be on stage during the concerts. I also really like shooting concerts because it makes for sick videos. Capturing an artist performing live on video and the crowd going crazy always makes for a great edit.

Another awesome aspect of shooting concerts is that you discover new music. One of the bands that played called “Just Another Crew” put on an amazing show and had great music. I really liked their music because it was really groovy and soulful.

Overall it was a really good concert and everyone that played put on a great show.

The video recap of the show will be up on my youtube this Friday night, so stay posted.

Another highlight of my week was getting a new 4K Cinema Camera. This is something I have really been looking forward to for quite some time because it will take my videos to the next level. Now that I have my new camera I have lots of projects coming up like a documentary, a music video and much more.

Although the blog is coming to an end, there are still lots of goods things to come. Make sure to keep watching all my videos on my youtube channel @KaiWilkinson and as always thanks for reading the blog.


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