Venturing Into The Mountains

This week was another week full of cars. On Saturday I ventured up into the mountains to shoot a Mitsubishi Evolution and an s14. In my mind the owner of the Evo, Elijah, has one of the most perfectly built cars. From the rims to the tune, everything done to that car accents it perfectly. I always love filming cars like this because no matter what, I love how the footage turns out. We filmed in the mountain back roads of Montecito, where the backdrop was perfect for filming cars. The grass was green, the sunset was stunning and there was a great view looking over Santa Barbara. It was the most ideal conditions possible for a shoot. Here is a little edit of the footage I got of the Evo…

Along with Eli’s perfectly built Evo, I also shot a really sick Silvia s14. The owner, Charlie, has spent so much time and money on making that car as unique as possible. I really respect people who by a car stock and mod it to make it their own.  Charlie has done rims, air suspension, racing seats, a racing steering wheel, forged internals and every other mod you can imagine. He has a straight piped exhaust, so it is freaking load. I think that his car is one of the most modded car I have ever seen. Every single part on that car is aftermarket. You would have to inspect that car for hours to find a single stock part. I find this so cool because there is no other car in the world exactly like it. The build he has done to his car is a direct expression of himself.  This is what is so cool about modifying cars, every build is different and unique to the owner of the car. Here are a few photos I took of his car, edit coming soon…

The following day I went to cars and coffee…as usual. Except this past weekend there were more cars there than ever before. It was really cool to see this because the first cars and coffee I went to there was no more than 15 cars, and now more than 100+ cars showed up. Here are a few photos I took at the show.

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The Grind Continues…

This week was a busy one. Whether it was going to car meets, editing videos, or battling in tennis tournaments, I seemed to always be doing something. If you are interested in hearing some of my stories from this week, keep on reading.

Early on in the week I went to another one of the Project Overdrive meets. This time there was twice as many people and twice as many cops. With as many loud cars as there were, it was a given that cops would show up and see what was up. I left before it happened, but I heard word that two cops came not to get anyone in trouble, but to enter in the raffle to win a car detailing kit. I thought it was pretty funny that nobody got in trouble for having too loud of an exhaust or having modifications that weren’t street legal. Other than that, the meet had a great turn out with lots of sick cars. My friend Oliver showed up to shoot some of the cars for his blog as well. Here is the video from the meet…

On the weekend I traveled with the tennis team to Fresno for the California Classic tournament. I really like this tournament because we get to play a lot of different teams from all around California. We played 5 matches against 5 different teams over the period of 2 days. It was a lot of tennis and every match was a battle.  I came through with a few clutch wins, which I was really happy about. I played so much tennis that I wore a hole all the way through my shoe.

By the end of the day my feet were bleeding from sliding on the court and my knees were in pain from falling multiple times, but it was all well worth it in the end.


The second day we had to get up at 5:45 am after playing almost five hours of tennis the previous day. We went to Denny’s to get our grub on and then went to our next match. The second day was another battle, and we came out with a clutch win. Overall we got 5th in the tournament and played some amazing tennis.

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Traveling Through Time

This week I decided to branch out and try a different kind of video; the time-lapse. I have always shot time-lapses, but I have never made an edit with multiple clips. So this week I decided to do just that. Each day in the week I took a time-lapse of something different. At the end of the week I put all my clips together and made an edit. Here were the results…

On the weekend I went up to the mountains of Montecito in search of something good to shoot a time-lapse of. I ended up finding a really good spot where you could see all of Santa Barbara and a great view of the sunset. So, I proceeded to set up my camera gear and shoot a time-lapse. While my camera was running I got my other camera and went around taking pictures. Here are a few of the good ones I got…



Another Project I worked on this week was an interview with an olympic Triathalete named Andre Barbieri. A while back I shot the interview with him, but this week I decided to finish the video. I shot the interview for my dads sunscreen company Avasol because Andre is a constant user of the product. It was very interesting learning about his life especially because he is an amputee. I thought it was very amazing how he still runs, swims, bikes and surfs so well with only one leg. He told me why he loves Avasol so much and how he came to use it. It was really cool hearing him so grateful for having a product that does not harm him or the environment.

Shooting interviews has always been something I have really enjoyed because it is so interesting hearing peoples stories and how they came to do what they do. Shooting interviews is always a rewarding experience, especially when it is someone with such an amazing back story like Andre Barbieri.


The interview will be coming out sometime in the next coming weeks, so make sure to stay posted…

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Shooting Stars and Shooting Cars

Whether it was shooting cars or shooting stars, my week was full of interest and chaos. The video below gives you a little taste of my action packed week (set it to HD). Keep reading to hear all of my stories from this past week.

Early on in the week I heard that there was a new car group in town called “Project Overdrive”. Knowing myself, I had to find out more and I found out that they were having their first meet on Wednesday. When Wednesday came along I went to the meet. At first I was skeptical of going because I didn’t know many of the people, but it turned out I knew more people than I first thought and I met a bunch of nice people. It was really cool going because when I got there and pulled out my camera rig people started to swarm around me and tell me how they really liked my videos. This was really cool because I felt very welcome and ended up having some really good conversations with some new people I had met. Later on in the meet my friend Forest showed up and we shot all of the cars. The video below is a little edit I put together with the footage from the meet.

Ever since getting my license in November, I have started going to lots of car meets/shows and been becoming an active part of the car community. I have always been a car enthusiast, but getting my license opened lots of new opportunities to shoot cars and go to cool meets.  I am very blessed to be part of such a cool and connected community.

On Friday, I witnessed the biggest storm I have ever seen in my life. Roads turned to rivers, creeks raged and trees fell.  In Montecito we got almost five inches of rain in one day. The storm also brought giant waves, which was an amazing sight to see.img_2520

After the storm passed the clouds were really spectacular, so I decided to go take some time lapses and pictures. The greenery and great weather after the storm led to getting some nice photos and videos.





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A Mans Best Friend…Cars


img_2490This past week was full of exotic cars and exotic people. A few weeks ago an owner of a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat (one of my favorite cars) hit me up on instagram to go shoot. I felt pretty honored to shoot his car not only because it is farely rare, but because I would be one of the last people to shoot it before he moved to Indiana.  Brad, the owner of the car, and one of the funniest guys I have ever met, came up to Montecito and we shot at some of the scenic mountain roads at sunset. After I made an edit with the footage, Brad was so satisfied with it that he invited me to shoot his car during sunrise at the Santa Barbara Mission. So the next morning I proceeded to wake up at the crack of dawn and go to the Mission to shoot his car along with some other photographers and car owners. It turned out to be an amazing experience because I got stunning footage, I got to ride in fast cars and met some really nice people who would like me to shoot their cars in the future. Shooting his car turned out to be a way better experience than I first thought because I got to meet/hang out with some amazing human beings, ride in crazy cars, and make connections with possible business opportunities in the future. Check out both edits below.

The following Sunday I went to cars and coffee and met a very interesting guy. He told me all about his 1967 Morris Mini Cooper S. He said that this was his 14th Mini Cooper he has owned and it would be his last. It was very interesting hearing about  the history behind all of the cars he has owned. He also showed me a book on the history of Montecito Cars and Coffee which I found really cool because the photographer who took the pictures in i turned out to be a long time family friend.




After Cars and Coffee my good friend Forest Invited me to go shoot a Mitsubishi Evo and an s14 Silvia. This turned out to be a really great experience because I got some great rolling footage and the owners of the cars were very cool people. Check out the edit I made below.

Overall it was an amazing week full of memorable experiences. Tune in next week for more content and a sneak peek of a new project Im working on…



From Hub Caps to Cut Backs…All In a Days Work


img_2470For the past three years I have filmed the Rincon Classic and made a video for Youtube out of it. I really enjoy going to the Rincon Classic to film and surf because there is world class surfing. It is always a great opportunity for me to practice my cinematography skills. It is great to see the local pros ripping and the groms progressing. Even if you are not a surfer, I highly recommend you go to the classic because it is some of the best waves and surfing you will ever see.

This past weekend at the Rincon Classic was very action packed. The waves were pumping, drones were zipping across the sky, and a new champion was crowned in the Pro division. Over a three hour period I got a lot of great clips and then spent the rest of the afternoon editing. Editing is my favorite part of making a video because it is really rewarding when you time a clip perfectly to the music and give the video the finishing touches that will make it special and tell the story. When you pair the music perfectly to the video, it connects the viewer to the action in a unique way which creates an experience for the viewer.

Here is this years video…enjoy (For a quality experience, set it to HD)

When the surfs not up, I enjoy going to car shows. I am an avid car enthusiast, so I go to one almost every weekend. At the car shows I really enjoy meeting new people and learning the story behind their cars. Whether it’s a 90 year old war veteran telling me about his army vehicle or a 20 year old telling me about his latest mod, it all interests me because of the pride and joy people get out of their cars. I enjoy seeing all different kinds of people sharing their common passion of cars with one and other. Americans have unique love affair with their cars, and the people at these shows take that love to the next level. For some people it is about meticulously preserving history and for others it is a creative process where they make their cars bigger, better and faster. I really enjoy filming these car shows because my videos can show how these two aspects of the car scene collide. At these events it is an array of sounds, smells and sights. For a peek into this world, watch my video recap of this past weekends car show below.